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Title: “Production and Managements of Bottled Drinking Water and Its Associated Plastics and Plastic Bottles Disposal, A case Study in Sabbata Hawas Woreda, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia”
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Abstract: The objective of this study was to investigate/assess the production and managements of bottled drinking water brands and associated plastic packaging or bottles disposals at the production site or factories until retail marketers and end users level in Sabbata Hawas Woreda, Oromia Region, Ethiopia. The study has adopted descriptive and explanatory research types. The data collected through different survey tools were analyzed in relevant software EPI Info Software, Version 3.5.3, Microsoft Excel and interpreted accordingly. Exposing the bottled drinking water products to direct sunlight was termed as bad practice to its quality and the human health by 100% of the respondents and everywhere, the bottled drinking water products were also responded as not protected from environmental influences like heat, moisture, high temperatures by 96.6% of the survey respondents. Regarding, the disposal methods of plastics or the plastic bottles in the survey area, the survey respondents replied as disposing the plastic bottles anywhere by 52.9% The general public or the communities including the survey respondents were not well aware about the negative or positive impacts of the bottled drinking water productions, the management of the bottled drinking water brands and the disposal of the associated plastic bottles or plastic materials by responding as disagree 72.9%
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