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Title: Digital and Social Media Usage for Academic Purpose among Distance Learners in selected Higher Education Institutions in Addis Ababa: Practices and Challenges
Authors: Adela, Manaye
Keywords: Digital media, social media, LMS, YouTube, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook
Issue Date: 20-Aug-2022
Abstract: Distance education is demanding connection and communication while learners are physically in a dispersed location from the center of the institution. In such platforms, communication, and technological means, digital media is the most important which takes place in nearly all activities. The main aim of this study was to assess digital media usage and challenges in distance learning. The digital era has brought the dynamics in learning and assessment by using digital media and social networking. Stratified random sampling was used for selecting 198 participants. The strata were made in academic year level and department. The descriptive survey design was implemented with a mixed approach. Questionnaire and interview were tools for data gathering. Numerical analysis was done for the data from questionnaire and thematic analysis was used for qualitative data from the interview. The study unveiled that digital media usage creates ease of learning and enhances better access to reference materials and sample exam questions in electronic copy. Telegram, YouTube, and Facebook are mostly used in distance learning systems through computer and smartphone gadgets. The most commonly found challenges are connection-related; internet cost-related challenges; source less credibility and less trustworthiness (both on telegram and YouTube); data management-related challenges; gadget-related challenges and difficulty in using digital devices; application-related difficulties; difficulties related to Computer-Mediated Communication due to technology literacy related problem. It is conceivable to deliver education for distance learners by expanding and providing digital media platforms.
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