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Title: An Assessment of Social Media Advertisement on Decision Making of Customers: The Case of BGI Breweries, Lideta Sub-City
Authors: G/tsadik, Mahider
Keywords: Ease of use, Interaction and participation, Fun and entertainment, Decision making
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2022
Abstract: Internet is accessible for almost every person using different digital devices. Therefore, this rapid growth of internet is an indicator towards using internet as a marketing tool and it is a nice opportunity for any firm to change the consumer decision making through social media marketing. This study was intended to investigate social media advertisement on decision making of customers in BGI brewery. For this study, a descriptive research method was used in order to collect the appropriate data from the target respondents. Samples of 180 questionnaires were distributed and140 valid responses were collected. The collected data were interpreted and analyzed by tabulation and percentage. In the study, the data which were gathered through document review were presented in the form of description and table. The table includes frequency and percentage. This study can be useful for marketing managers to manage their social media sites to be more effective for customers to use and decide on the product easily. The findings of this study were ease of use, fun and entertainment, interaction and participation has a positive relation with decision making of BGI breweries’ consumers. And finally, it recommended BGI breweries to be able to invest in social media advertisements in maintaining and improving the decision making of customers.
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