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Title: Students with Disabilities’ Lived Experience of Post-Secondary Transition into the University: A Journey of Promise
Authors: Mekonnen, Habtamu
Keywords: Transition, Students with disabilities, Lived experience, Strength-based approach
Issue Date: Jun-2022
Abstract: The purpose of the study was to understand the lived experiences of post-secondary transition among students with disabilities. Specifically, it focuses on exploring supportive factors that helped students in their post-secondary transition into the university. The study assumes that students with disabilities are inherently at promise than at risk. Hence, a strength-based approach was followed. A qualitative phenomenological methodology guided the study. Purposive sampling was employed to select 23 students with disabilities (five females and 18 males). Data were collected from students with disabilities at Addis Ababa and Adama Universities through in-depth interviews. During the process of data analysis, seven common themes have been identified within participants’ description. These were care and consideration, professional attitude, realistic understanding of the self, spiritual belief, peer experience sharing, family cohesion, and resilience. For any student leaving high school, the transition involves many changes that affect future endeavours. Transition has been identified as a challenging process, yet is promising to support students to succeed in their university education. Findings suggest the need to focus on the part of stakeholders and on the strengths of students that may communicate a sense of resourcefulness and resilience. There is also the need to focus on support systems for families who have children with disabilities
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