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Authors: Hamza, Amir
Lema, Abera
Eshete, Asamerew
Gebeyehu, Tewodros
Keywords: computer science QUALITY INVESTMENT IN ETHIOPIA
Issue Date: Jun-2012
Publisher: St. Mary's University
Abstract: This paper is among the first research-based quality investment project in Ethiopia and may be in the world. The project emphasizes on solving the following critical problems: inflation rates, creating job opportunities for more than 148,000 people annually, tourism, transforming the country from the agro-leading economy to the industry-leading economy, reducing the foreign currency, promoting proposed business plans to the world automatically. According to this research, the solution for all of the abovestated problems is attracting investors to a country. But how can this be a solution? How can we attract them? Investors need highly profitable business ideas; even they have the details about that business idea, they want to know what colour, type, size, texture, height, style, price, etc. of the products to produce. All the above and more of the questions will be answered and presented to the world for free by newly upcoming software called “Quality investment beta”.
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