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Title: Academic Staff Capacities in Private Universities in Tanzania
Authors: Simon Peter, Ngalomba
Keywords: Private University, capacities, academic staff,Tanzania
Issue Date: Aug-2012
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to critically examine the capacities of academic staff towards realization of teaching, research and community services university functions. Findings revealed that there are maneuvering of academic qualifications among academic staff in private universities; such unfortunate tendencies prevail as no strictly recruitment criteria like those in public universities for academic job applicants, thus adversely affecting their capacities to meet their core functions. It was also revealed that academic staff names appeared in different universities payrolls and interestingly in both payrolls such academic staff appeared as full-time academic staff. It was recommended that, recruitment process should be strictly, transparent to ensure that academic staffs were recruited and allocated workload basing on their academic qualifications and meritocracy.
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Private Higher Education in Africa

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