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Title: The Need for continuing Professional development (CPD) of Professionals in Higher Education: A Comparative Case Study of AAU and St. Mary’s University College
Authors: Ingidayehu, Yalew
Keywords: Professional development, Higher Education
Issue Date: Aug-2006
Abstract: This study attempts to examine the need of higher education instructors and researchers for grading and up-dating their professional competence (CPD) through continuing professional education (CPE). The researcher, as a specialist in CPE, has observed that a good number of educators in higher education tend to focus safely on their field of specialization without giving due attention and consideration to pedagogical and professional approaches in lecturing and tutoring. The methodology of the study is a descriptive, survey and case study approach. The data collecting instruments are a set of questionnaire and interview. And the target sample populations are instructors, deans and department heads from AAU and St. Mary’s University College (SMUC). The study bases its discussion on the assumption that professionals in higher education face challenges related to inadequate pedagogical and professional training to render up to date and competent services in their fields. This is followed by the original survey which high lights three major problems: (a) lack of awareness and commitment to the current opportunities and possibilities of CPD programs (b) inadequate training and (c) limited access to and participation in the formal and nonformal CPE programs. The final part concludes that professions are always dynamic, evolving, growing and changing. Thus, professionals in higher education should always undergo a process of professionalizing through CPE. Finally, possible solutions related to the provision, coordination and mode of delivery of CPE have been for warded in the form of recommendation.
Appears in Collections:Proceedings of the 4th National Conference on Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) in Ethiopia

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