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Title: Teacher Code Switching in Content Classes: St. Mary’s University in Focus
Authors: Dermas, Samuel
Keywords: Teacher code witching, Attitude, content classes, functions
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2014
Abstract: The paper attempts to investigate teacher code switching in content classes, at St. Mary’s university, faculty of Business. To be specific, it focuses on the functions of teacher CS and the types of switching in Accounting and Marketing classes, and the attitude of students and teachers towards the practice of CS at the university level. The study uses qualitative research method to analyze teacher CS practices, through the classroom recordings, observations and interviews with teachers and students. According to the analyzed data, the study concludes that teacher CS has various functions; these are Managing and Disciplining students, Giving instructions, Creating non-threatening environment, Presenting exemplary cases, Motivating students to participate, Introducing and Explaining new concepts. Moreover, both teachers and students express positive attitude towards the practice of CS in content classes, and intersentential, intrasentential and Tag switching are being employed by the teachers.
Appears in Collections:The 6th Multidisciplinary Research Seminar

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