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Keywords: Consumer behavior, Social Factor, Personal factor,
Lifestyle, AIO, purchase decision
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: st.mary's University
Abstract: The aim of the study is showing the factors that affect consumer purchase decision under the title of “The factors that affect consumers purchase decision in the case of Technostyle P.L.C”. In order to find the relationship there are two objectives that are drawn to help the student researcher in finding the answers. 1st. What are the factors affecting the purchase decision of consumers? And 2nd how does lifestyle affect (AIO) consumers purchase decision? A total of 384 self administered questionnaires were distributed using the five point liker scale to the final consumers in to the three branches of the company using non-probability sampling method and from convince or accidental sampling is used in to find the consumers in their availability and 339 valid responses are collected. The data are analyzed using SPSS and as the findings indicate there is a positive relationship of the objectives of Activity Interest and opinion and the social and personal factors of the consumers. The company is recommended to understand that, The company should understand that customers follow the latest information before they made a purchase decision and also they go to different stores before purchase decision this means that the company should know their competitors product. Customers do not come and buy product by their own instead they come with friends and family to make a decision; the company should know what they want to see in the product as a family or as a majority of the customer. Furniture purchases are considered important and are emotional in nature for many people. The company is not selling but instead they are providing a way for consumers to spend time comfortably with family and friend so the company should produce a product to feel those expectations.
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