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Keywords: *Attitude * Cognitive *Affective*Behavioral
Issue Date: Jun-2020
Abstract: This descriptive research is conducted to identify the attitude of Consumers/Customers’ towards shopping goods specifically locally manufactured shoes. This descriptive correlational research targets residents of Addis Ababa city who found in all sub cities which 4.7 million (CSA, 2010). By using, Yamane, 1967 formula, from the total target population, the researcher uses 400 samples which are convenience to the researcher. The research is both quantitative and qualitative or hybrid type of research. The questioner was developed based on tri-component attitude model and analyzed through descriptive and inferential analysis by using SPSS Version 21 Software. The present research investigates the cognitive, affective and behavioral attitude of the targets and each other’s relationship. According to the research result, consumers/customers who reside in Addis Ababa city had unfavorable attitude towards local made shoes. This is due to lack of knowledge or don’t have enough knowledge to explain about local made shoes, they don’t like the design and style of local made shoes and also they aren’t feel luxuries when they ware local made shoes. To the contrary, they think and feel local made shoes are affordable and durable. Although they feel and think as stated, they aren’t have a positive buying behavior for local made shoes. In overall, the research results concludes that, consumer/customer relatively unfavorably position /negative attitude/ local made shoes. The relationship between the components is strong and positively correlated. As recommendation, the researcher recommends companies should develop promotional and product development strategy which can help to change the unfavorable attitude of consumers/customers.
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