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Title: Smart Taxation (4Taxation): Effect of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) on tax compliance in Rwanda
Authors: Twesige, Daniel
Gshejaa, Faustin
Hategikimanaa, Uzziel
Ndikubwimanaa, Philippe
Mwizaa, Yvette
Hitayezua, Innocent
Keywords: 4IR, 4Taxation, Tax compliance, Tax, Digitalization, information technology
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: St. Mary's University
Abstract: The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) has led to the raise of smart taxation (taxation). Smart taxation has come up with different technological innovation that eases tax declaration, tax registration, tax payment interactions. These technological innovations in the tax system aim at enhancing tax compliance. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of Smart taxation on the tax compliance in Rwanda taking RRA as the case study. Descriptive and explanatory research design were used. The study population comprised of 650 employees of RRA headquarter from which 284 samples were selected using Yamane’s formula. Data were collected from both primary and secondary sources using questionnaire and document review methods. Data was analysed using both descriptive and factor analysis. The fitness of the model was tested using both absolute and incremental fitness tools. The findings from the survey revealed that there is a positive and strong correlation between smart taxation and tax compliance as evidenced by multiple R-square of 96. The researchers recommended that Training of the employees and taxpayers in new skills to be able to comfortably use the new technological innovation that comes along with the fourth industrial revolution. Continue educating the taxpayers about the aim of taxation and modes of taxation to enhance tax compliance since tax education influences tax compliance
Appears in Collections:Journal of Business and Administrative Studies (JBAS)

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