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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Assessment on Factors that Made Students’ to Miss Tutorial SessionsZewdie, Tekalign; Geteye, Atlabachew; Adela, Manaye
2014Challenges and Implementation of Measurement, Continuous Assessment and Evaluation in Open and Distance Learning in EthiopiaAdela, Manaye
20-Aug-2022Digital and Social Media Usage for Academic Purpose among Distance Learners in selected Higher Education Institutions in Addis Ababa: Practices and ChallengesAdela, Manaye
27-Jul-2019Entrepreneurial Self Efficacy, Motivation and Entrepreneurial Intent among Higher Education Students in Addis AbabaAdela, Manaye
2015Learning Materials and Trend of Using Internet as Reference of Additional Reading in Self-Directed Learning among Distance Learners in Addis AbabaAdela, Manaye
Aug-2015Perceived Contribution and Challenges of Open and Distance Education for Personal Professional Specialization: The Case of Selected Private Universities in EthiopiaAdela, Manaye
30-Aug-2022Self-Directed Learning of University Students in the Internet Usage: Challenges and PracticesAdela, Manaye